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Servo Press Overview

Programmable Electric Servo Press Machines


We offer Dexter Precision electromechanical servo presses. Our presses are precision machines developed to perform a wide variety of pressing tasks.


  • Standard Capacities from 500 N (112 lb) to 25 kN (5,620 lb)
  • Custom machines up to 100 kN (22,480 lb)
  • Press to Force, Distance, or Position
  • Integrated Process Evaluation
  • Evaluation widows, maximums, minimums, ranges
  • Data collection
  • USB and Ethernet connections


The machines can press to a force, press a distance from where it detects the part, or press to a fixed position. They are easily programmed at the machine without any additional software. The machine controller is capable of storing thousands of programs.


Integrated process evaluation software can be used to monitor force and position to ensure that the pressing operation meets your specifications. A series of evaluators can create force versus position windows, detect maxima, minima, and ranges. Multiple evaluators can be combined to create strict process constraints.


The machine can acquire and store force and position data at up to one thousand samples per second. The data can be download through USB or Ethernet for analysis.


We specialize in working with our customers to optimize pressing equipment for their unique application. All of our products can be customized and configured to meet your project's specific needs.

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How A Servo Press Works

Cutaway image electromechanical servo press
AC Servo Motor – An AC servo motor turns a ball screw through a synchronous belt drive. The ball screw transforms the rotary motion into linear motion that moves the ram.

Synchronous Belt Drive – The synchronous belt drive transfers torque from the motor to the ball screw. It provides a speed reduction which increases torque on the ball screw.

Balls Screw Actuator – The  actuator houses the press ram, a ground ball screw, thrust bearings, and limit switches.

Integrated Load Cell – The load cell senses the pressing force. It is integrated into the end of the ram where the pressing tool is mounted.

Main Power Switch, Power Cord, Communications, and I/O are located on the back panel.
Machine Controller – A 32-bit processor controls the servo motor, acquires, analyzes, and saves data. It also provides a convenient operator interface with a membrane keypad and a seven inch TFT display.

Welded Steel C-Frame Base – The machine frame is made from welded steel. It can be customized by request.

Two-Hands Start – A two-hands start operator interface with a manual handwheel and emergency stop button is optional. It can include either conventional or optical switches.

T-Slot Table – The steel table is ground flat and has a T-slot for mounting a press fixture. Other table configurations are available.
Cutaway image electro-mechanical servo press

Servo Press Operation

Electric Servo Press Program Operation
Automated Programmable Operation

Operation begins at Program Home. The press ram moves at Approach Speed to the Detect Start position. Detect Start is the point in the ram travel where the machine begins searching for contact with the part. Once the tool contacts the part, and Detect Force is reached, the ram accelerates to Press Speed.

If Press-to-Distance is selected the machine will press a distance from the point where Detect Force was reached. If Press-to-Force is selected, the machine will press until the programmed force is reached. If Press-to-Position is selected, the machine will press to the programmed position.

Once the press section is complete the ram can dwell for a period of time. After the dwell time has elapsed the ram retracts at Return Speed to Program Home.

Servo Press Process Evaluation

Integrated Process Monitoring and Evaluation


The Dexter Precision servo press includes an integrated process monitoring and evaluation system that can compare force and position data against requirements using software tools called analyzers, windows, and tests.


Use Analyzers to detect:


  • Force Peak
  • Force Maximum
  • Force Minimum
  • Force Range


Use Tests to evaluate:


  • Distance at end of pressing
  • Position at part detect
  • Force at end
  • Force at dwell
  • Time at end of pressing


Use Windows to evaluate:


  • Force in a distance range
  • Force in a position range
  • Force in a time range


Programs can contain multiple evaluators that combine to define very strict process requirements.

Electromechanical press process monitoring and evaluation

Data Recording

Electro-mechanical assembly press data collection

Record Process Data and Save to File


The Dexter Precision servo press can acquire and store force, position, and time data as it runs.


  • Acquire and store Force vs. Position Data
  • Save data to .csv file
  • Data rates up to 1,000 samples per second
  • Download data through USB or Ethernet


The data is stored in comma separated value file that can be used for process development, evaluation, and process records.


Files are stored on the machine's solid state memory and can be downloaded through USB or Ethernet.

Servo Press Controller

Advanced Servo Press Controller


We designed the Dexter Precision controller specifically for electro mechanical servo presses.


  • Fully programmable with no additional software required
  • Controls ram speed and monitors pressing force
  • Position and force are plotted in real time
  • Integrated data acquisition, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Solid state memory can store thousands of programs
  • Storage for data from thousands of press operations
  • Seven inch TFT display
  • USB and Ethernet (optional) communication


Custom electronics and software are also available. Contact us by email or call with your needs at (603) 386-5300.

Electric servo press controller

Programming a Servo Press

Servo Press Programming Video Start Screen
Simple Programming - No Additional Software is Necessary

The servo press is programmed at the controller using the keypad. No additional software is needed. There are three sections to the program; setup, program step, and monitor.

Setup is for the machine setup which includes the press tool and fixture and setting up the chart that the machine displays as it runs.

Program step are approach, detect, press, and dwell. Variables can be entered using the keypad or by manually operating the machine and transferring the current position or force into the program.

The monitor section sets up the integrated data evaluation and recorder.

Programs are saved to the controller's solid state memory. The controller can store thousands of different programs.
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