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Servo Press Controller

Servo Press Controller

Our servo press controller is fully programmable and includes an integrated data acquisition and analysis system. It can acquire and analyze force vs. position data as it operates and ensure that the process meets requirements.

A series of data analyzers can be configured to evaluate process force and position data to ensure that the press operation has met requirements. Out of specification parts can be detected in-process and rectified on the spot.

The controller includes a seven inch display, a numeric keypad, and 2 Gb of program and data storage. It can store thousands of programs and data from thousands of press operations.

Controllers are also available without the display and keypad for integration into your automation equipment.

Programming is performed right at the controller with no additional software.

We can also customize our controller to meet your needs. Our engineers can develop special software and electronics for your application. Contact us to discuss your needs with our engineers.

Press tools installed in machine ram and on machine table
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