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Servo Press Direct Services

We want to provide the solutions that are right for you. We can test your product in our presses to ensure they are right for your application. Every press needs tooling, we are here to work with you to design and manufacturing any tooling you may need. Often a press is part of total production system, we can help integrate the machine too. Do you need something different than our standard machines? We can help!
Electric servo press testing
We want to make sure our
press is right for your
application. Send us some
parts. Contact us and..

Electro-mechanical servo press tools fixtures
No machine is complete
without tooling. Our
engineers and machinists
can design and

Electromechanical servo press integration
Our machines can be
integrated into a system or
used to control other
devices. Our engineers

Electro mechanical press custom
Sometimes our standard
products aren't exactly
what you need. At Dexter
Precision, we've designed...

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