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Ordering Information

Ordering Information


Contact us by email or by phone at 603.386.5300 for a quotation. 

(a) Prices quoted are net. Taxes, shipping, and rigging are not included and are responsibility of the buyer.

(b) Quoted prices are valid for thirty (30) days. Subsequently, prices are subject to change without notice.
Orders Placement

Please contact us by phone at 603.386.5300 to place an order.
Testing Service

Customers are encouraged to utilize our testing service. Send us sample parts and describe your needs and requirements. We will make every reasonable effort to process test parts in our testing lab.

Servo Press Direct assumes no responsibility for damage to or any loss of value of sample parts. Sample parts will be returned at buyer's request and at buyer's expense.

Testing that requires complex press tooling or fixtures, or testing that requires a large number of parts may incur charges. These charges will be quoted before testing begins.

For orders that exceed $20,000 (USD), unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment terms are 50% at Servo Press Direct's acceptance of the Purchase Order (PO), 30% at delivery, and 20% is due at buyer's acceptance. Acceptance not to exceed thirty (30) days from delivery.
Payment Methods

We accept wire transfer or company check. First time customers using company check please submit three credit references with your purchase orders.
Shipping within Continental United States

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, machines will be crated and placed on pallets. Machine stands will be wrapped and placed on pallets. Shipping will be by common carrier, LTL, FOB Origin (Servo Press Direct's facility) Freight Prepaid and Charged Back.
Notes About Handling

Our machines and machine bases are heavy and can not be lifted or moved without appropriate equipment.

Equipment such as gantry cranes, engine hoists, and forklifts are necessary to lift servo presses.

Lifting and moving must be performed by trained personnel.

Servo presses and machine stands are shipped separately. The servo press must be installed onto the machine stand.

Machines can weigh over 1,000 pounds and must be lifted to be placed onto the machine base.

Machines include eyebolts for lifting. Some disassembly of machine covers may be necessary to access lifting eyebolt.
Note About Electrical Connections

Unless otherwise specified servo presses are shipped without electrical cords and must be wired by a qualified electrician.

Subject to the limitations and conditions set forth below, Servo Press Direct warrants to buyer that the products will be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and prescribed maintenance. This warranty extends to the buyer and is not transferable. Warranty begins on the delivery date and ends one year subsequent.
Exclusive Remedy

Buyer's exclusive remedy in warranty is, in Servo Press Direct sole discretion, either repair or replacement of non-conforming goods with conforming goods or a part or item to replace any part or item which is proven to be defective.
Limitations of Warranty

Servo Press Direct will not be liable for breach of warranty if the product has not been installed, used, maintained, or serviced in accordance with applicable product manuals.

Title to the products will transfer to buyer on the earlier of full payment and delivery. If delivery occurs prior to full payment, Servo Press Direct shall retain a security interest in the products until payment in full is received.
Compliance with Law

Buyer acknowledges that the products may be subject to export and other foreign trade controls restricting resales and/or transfers to other countries and parties, including, but not limited to, licensing requirements under applicable laws and regulations of the United States. Buyer shall: (a) not export, re-export, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the products directly or indirectly, except as permitted by applicable law; (b) not do anything that would cause Servo Press Direct or its affiliates to breach applicable law; and (c) shall protect, indemnify and hold harmless Servo Press Direct and its affiliates from any fines, damages, costs, losses, liabilities, penalties, and expenses incurred as a result of buyer’s failure to comply with this section.
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