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Case Studies

At Servo Press Direct, we collaborate with our customers to create the right press solution for their application.

Check out some examples of how we've been a successful partner in the case studies below.

Servo Press Direct Designs a Custom Differential Displacement Measurement System to Ensure High Speed Spindle Life
A manufacturer of high-speed ball bearing spindles specifies the allowable movement of a pressed-in bearing under axial load. The amount of bearing movement and the force necessary to move it are strictly controlled.
The bearing relies on a precise fit between its outside surface and the spindle housing to control the movement force. A precision machined cap controls the amount of movement.
The manufacture used a manual press, a force gage, and two test indicators to perform the differential bearing movement test. Setting up the test was labor intensive. Performing the test proved to be error prone. The test operator was required to watch the force gage and two indicators simultaneously.
Servo Press Direct designed a differential displacement measurement system to simplify the test. The measurement system uses an optical encoder to measure the displacement between the bearing and the housing under load.
The Servo Press Direct servo press applies the load. It actively acquires force, position, and differential displacement as the test runs.

The manufacturer's test was greatly simplified. The operator no longer has to read a force gage and indicators.

The servo press provides a simple pass/fail output. For any product that fails the test the servo press saves the test data in a .csv file for analysis.

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Hot Rivet Peening Eliminates Distortion in Aerospace Bearing Cages
A ball bearing manufacturer was experiencing plastic deformation of a two-piece aluminum bronze bearing retainer when riveting the two halves together.
The rivet diameter increased as it was peened. Initially the rivet filled the rivet hole as expected. As the steel rivet head was peened further, to the produce the required head diameter, the rivet deformed the softer cage material.
This deformation caused the bearing cage to develop high spots around each rivet. These high spots would rub against the outer bearing race and generate debris as the bearing operated.
A custom servo press was developed to implement hot rivet peening.
The servo press uses an electric power supply pass current through the rivet and heat it so that the head forms easily.
As the rivet is heated it loses strength and the compressive force drops. Once the force drops to a pre-determined value, the servo press presses the rivet to a position. This creates the required rivet head diameter without any retainer distortion.
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Capacitive Pressure Sensor Diaphragm Welding
A manufacturer of capacitive absolute pressure sensors was experiencing unacceptable yields in their diaphragm welding process.
The sensor diaphragms are made from a metal foil that can be as little as 0.001 inches thick. The foil is tensioned and then held in place for welding by compressing it between the sensor body and the cover
The compression force was applied by a manually operated screw press.
The sensor body, diaphragm, and cover are welded by an automated GTAW machine that follows a pre-defined weld schedule.
Experiments showed that the compressive force on the sensor parts needed to be dynamically controlled throughout the welding process.
Dexter Precision built a custom servo press to control the compressive force. The Dexter Precision machine controller controls both the servo press and the welder during the welding operation.
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