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Servo Press Applications

Many pressing operations have historically been performed using manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic presses. The cost and impact of a defective assembly can often be avoided by using integrated press control and process monitoring which is easily implemented with an electromechanical servo press.

Our electro mechanical servo presses are designed for flexibility. We can easily customize the machine frame, table, tooling, electronics, and software to meet your needs. At Servo Press Direct our engineers have extensive experience in developing custom machinery.

Some or our recent servo press applications are detailed below. If you have an application for a servo press contact us or give us a call at (603) 386-5300.

Pressing a Bearing Using a Servo Press

Bearing Press

A common application is to press a bearing onto a shaft. The Press-to-Force mode is used where the bearing presses up against a solid surface.

Pressing a Shaft Using a Servo Press

Shaft Press

Many shafts and pins are pressed into holes. Proper fits are required to ensure positioning or torque transmission. Here we use the Press-to-Position mode and monitor the insertion force.

Peening Rivets With a Servo Press

Rivet Peening

Rivets are inexpensive and permanent mechanical fasteners. But it's difficult to verify that they are installed properly. Monitor and evaluate their installation using our servo press to ensure a good joint.
Click for Rivet Peening Video Transcript

Performing a Tensile Test Using a Servo Press

Tensile Test

We use a special test fixture to verify the tensile strength of a peened rivet.
Click for Tensile Test Video Transcript

Testing a Spring With a Servo Press

Spring Test

We use a servo press to verify the free height and spring rate of an automotive valve spring.
Click for Spring Test Video Transcript
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