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Servo Press Direct was founded by Dexter Precision, LLC to market our electromechanical servo press product line in response to increasing industry demands for product quality in automotive, electronic assembly, medical device, and aerospace manufacturing.

Dexter Precision, LLC was founded in 2014 to design and manufacture automated machinery.
Large Electric Servo Press
Our mission is complete customer satisfaction in providing automated machinery.
In addition to servo presses, we have designed and built machinery for measuring gearbox torsional stiffness, position error, and efficiency. We designed and built automated packaging equipment, an automated spray coating machine, an automated double flank rolling gear tester, a water treatment system, and much more.
We developed our electromechanical servo press and its expandable machine controller as our first product line.
Many pressing operations have historically been performed using manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic presses. The cost and impact of a defective assembly can often be avoided by using integrated press control and process monitoring which is easily implemented with the electromechanical servo press.
We will build your press specifically to your requirements. Our products are designed to be customized to best support your needs. Our staff is here to support your application.

We are located in Jaffrey, NH and can be contacted here or by phone at 603.386.5300
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