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Precision Servo Presses for Demanding Applications

Precision Servo Presses
for Demanding Applications

Dexter Precision electric servo presses, from Servo Press Direct, offer accurate, precise, quiet operation. They are ideal for electronic, aerospace, medical device, and automotive manufacturing operations where product quality is paramount.

A servo press generates compressive force by moving a ram and actively controlling force or position. Instead of relying on crankshafts, clutches, or hydraulics like traditional presses, servo presses use AC servo motors, load cells, ball screws, and programmable control systems to accurately position the ram and precisely measure force. Our machines can press to a force, press a distance, or press to a position.

Servo presses run more quietly and cleanly than traditional presses. They are more energy efficient and consume only about 10-20% of the electricity used by hydraulic and air operated presses. By eliminating pumps, hoses, and valves they reduce maintenance costs.

All of our servo presses include an integrated monitoring and evaluation system to verify that the process meets requirements. Our machines can acquire, monitor, and evaluate force and position data during operation. We offer standard models with capacities from 500 N (112 lb) to 40 kN (8,992 lb) and custom machines with capacities up to 100 kN (22,480 lb) that can provide positional repeatability to within ±0.005 millimeters (±0.0002 inches).



  • Fully Programmable
  • Force and Position Monitoring
  • Integrated Data Collection
  • Integrated Process Evaluation



  • Electrical Connector Insertion
  • Bearing Press
  • Rivet Peening
  • Tensile Test



  • Four Frame Sizes
  • Industrial Communication
  • Data Acquisition and Control
  • Tools and Fixtures



  • Sample Testing
  • System Integration
  • Fabrication
  • Custom Software
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